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Manini Wear

About Us

Pacific Island Wear For Modern Living

How badly do you need a tropical island escape right now? Imagine how it would feel to wander barefoot down a sandy path towards the ocean.

Your skin glows warm from the sun and your hair hangs loose, tinged by the salt of the water you floated in earlier in the afternoon.

Curling your toes into the warm sand, you inhale deeply, soaking in the deep greens of the enormous leaves lining the beach and the bright colours of the tropical flowers bursting from the foliage…

Do you feel it? The warmth? The freedom? The connection with nature?

We feel it too.

That’s the feeling that inspired Manini.

And that’s the feeling we want you to have every time you slip on a maxi dress or kaftan from our line, whether you’re on a tropical island or striding down a busy street.

The Manini Philosophy

Majority of our prints are designed by Manini and are one of a kind.

We are committed to creating quality clothing that is easy to care for and fits like a dream at a modest price.

Our vision is to create beautiful garments for all body shapes and ages, and to bring a piece of the Pacific to the rest of the world.

Manini’s philosophy is to make everyone feel welcome by creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging, and holding ourselves accountable at every step.

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Sustainable Manini

Manini believes in – and strives for zero wastage.

We are inspired by the oceans, the skies, and the flora and fauna of our enchanting islands. So, we will do everything we can to protect the natural environments we live in.

To help minimise the impact we have on the environment, we do not create unnecessary waste. That means we use all our offcuts to produce packaging and hair ties.

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The Manini Story

My name is Tara Tuarae-White, and Manini is run by my husband Walter and I from our home in Rarotonga, with help from our young daughter, Te Aroa.

I’ve been in the fashion industry in Australia for over 20 years and have always wanted to start my own label. I wanted to create an inclusive brand for every woman – with clothing that made each and every one of them feel beautiful. The seeds of Manini began to grow during a visit to the pristine island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, with my husband, Walter.

After many years of living in Australia and visiting Aitutaki and Rarotonga, we decided we’d had enough of city life and moved to Rarotonga to launch Manini from our tropical island paradise  in 2019.

We named our brand Manini after the manini two-toned reef fish found in the crystal-clear waters of the Cook Islands. It’s not the most colourful fish, but it is unique and always stands out amongst the crowd.

"I love the journey Manini has taken, from launching in market stalls to being worn by women around the world.

Seeing people feel good about themselves in Manini is my fuel. It’s important to me that our clothing is created to fit all different sizes and shapes."

Get that tropical island feeling anytime, anywhere by slipping into one of our breezy, island-inspired, mini or maxi dresses (and everything in between).

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