Te Ora

Imagine a lush green tropical landscape after rain when the sky clears, with a sweet scent in the air as the morning sun kisses the earth. 

The vibrant colours of fresh blossoming flowers, the deep textural greens contrast against a blue sky and turquoise lagoon.

 It’s been an unseasonably wet and chilly winter in Rarotonga this year but on those stunning sunny days the gardens and foliage explode with colour breathing warmth across the island. 

The chill is forgotten, the fragrance of flowers punctuates the air and life is everywhere

Our new collection Te Ora (Life) is inspired by the sparkling beauty that is spring time where the colours around you seem to be illuminated ten-fold. 

The excitement of new beginnings, bright oranges and yellows of hibiscus, pink frangipani, and the green tones of the jungle dance in the sunlight with a blue lagoon backdrop. 

These are the vibrant sights of our delightful playground, our island home, our island life, … Taku Ipukarea


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