Introducing The Aroa Autumn Collection

Let’s face it, there is never a bad time of year to visit the Cook Islands!

It’s like paradise all year round.

But, there is something particularly special about Autumn in the islands.

The weather is slightly cooler, the foliage is changing slightly and the sunsets are absolutely to die for!

The gorgeous changing colours and Autumn beauty of Rarotonga are the inspiration behind the Aroa Autumn collection.

Won’t you explore the story with us?

Introducing The Aroa Autumn Collection

Autumn In The Islands

So, what is a typical island Autumn like?

In my native Sydney, autumn meant more rain, cold days and nights. But, here in Rarotonga, that couldn’t be further from reality!

Island autumns are not that dissimilar to island summers to be perfectly honest. The temperature does cool slightly, with the average temperature sitting around 26°C (79°F) rather than the usual 30°C (86°F).

Funnily enough, the rain falls more in the warmer months of December to March here in the islands, rather than during Autumn!

That leaves you with gorgeous dry weather, spectacular sunsets, and sunshine for days on end!

Aroa For Autumn – The Collection

Aroa means love in the language of the Cook Islands. So, the Aroa Autumn collection is all about the love we have for the gorgeous colours of this season.

Long autumn days melt into gorgeous sunsets in the Aroa Autumn collection. Inspired by the changing pastel shades of the evening sky, you will love the orange, pink, grey and blue hues of these autumn outfits.

One thing we can be sure will always happen is the changing of the seasons. Summer will always melt away to autumn and this collection celebrates that transformation.

What’s In The Collection?

We are so excited to introduce the Aroa Autumn collection. It is packed full of wardrobe essentials that will put a little (or a lot) or sunshine into your autumn days. 

Categorised by their warm tones, this collection is comfort and easy elegance personified. Showcasing flowing fabrics and easy-wear styles, these pieces are perfect for walking on the beach or hitting the town.

The Aroa Autumn collection is all about the love we have for the gorgeous colours of this season.

Raro Sunsets

You will notice that many of the tones in this collection are reminiscent of the colours of the sunset. And that is because island sunsets are one of my favourite things about living in this tropical paradise.

Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, but they bring a sense of change and transformation. I vividly remember the first island sunset I saw. It was back in 2008 on Aitutaki on my first holiday to the island with my husband.

The golden tones highlighted with pastel pink and orange made a lasting impression. Now, every time I think of a sunset, I am hit with a wave of different positive feelings – romantic and dreamy, blissful and calm. They really are a sight not to be missed!

Even if you can’t make it to this tropical paradise right now, you can take a small piece of it with you from the Aroa Autumn collection! 

Embrace the cooler months with the warm tones of sunsets and autumn leaves running through flowing fabrics by shopping the Aroa Autumn collection now.

This beautiful campaign was shot at Little Polynesian in Rarotonga.

The collection was Shot by the amazing Alisha Street